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Hi, This is my website dedicated to me and my group of friends know as "The BOAD"

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What is the BOAD?

The word "BOAD" (pronounced boe-add) stands for Brotherhood of Ale Drinkers.....
In reality it's just a name for a bunch of close mates that enjoy the odd drink every now and then....

That's a bit of a porky actually.....It usually turns out to be more than just "the odd drink every now and then".....In recent times it's been 3 nights a week, every week.

Most of the BOAD have been close friends for 20+ years. Throughout those years, some BOAD's have come, gone and come back again, some for a few months, some for a few years, but one thing that every true BOAD knows and understands is that the BOAD will always be there for them, no matter how long they drift away for.

It would be very difficult to find a group of people as Loyal and Trustworthy. One thing a BOAD can rely on is that a chat, a quick beer or a total blow out is only every a phone call away when needed.

Each of the BOAD's have their own individual personalities, some with bigger glitches than the rest, but that's all part of what makes them BOAD.

On this site you'll find.....

Any comments or question, drop us a line on the Forum

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Beer may not be right for everyone. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not use Beer. However, women who wouldn't mind nursing or becoming pregnant are encouraged to try it.

Side effects of Beer may include dizziness, nausea, vomiting, incarceration, erotic lucool illness, loss of motor control, loss of clothing, loss of money, loss of virginity, delusions of grandeur, table dancing, headache, dehydration, dry mouth, and a desire to sing Karaoke and/or play all-night rounds of Strip Poker, Truth or Dare, and Naked Twister.

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