It’s All In The ………………………Timing!

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Saturday night proved that timing is everything!
Waa, Toph (still M.I.A.) and Biff left mood to go home while Me .Big A and GP head for more (the next) bars! in Bentleys it was the bar toots birthday so I bought her a drink (more from her later!) so Big A decides in line with the rest of the night we’d go somewhere different, so off to Cuba we head (the bar not the country) as we arrived  Mrs. Munka is leaving said bar!  we purchased a drink and sat on the comfy leather sofas just as this hot blonde greedy in a figure hugging tight little black number starts to dance! amazingly as she twists and turns it rides up for the amassed BOAD to get a full on view that she’s going commando !!!! Even the bouncer came in for a view!
Big A said ……. chuck 50p on the floor and see if she bends over to pick it up ……….. then before anyone had chance to search for loose change she obligingly bent over to pick something up off the floor……..

Quote un Quote “”

GP  †cor blimey , that thing winked at me!!!!!!!!!â€
Waa”dirty …. i would have looked away in her honour”
 Biff “It may have been a “Freeview” but I bet it was infected!”

Any who move on a couple of hours and I’m sat in Hustle waiting for Mrs. Munka when Bentley’s Birthday bar toot comes in, sees me and decided to sit on my knee! she’d been there all of 0.00001 of a milli second when Mrs M comes walking round the corner do’h like I said timing is everything!

Loved GP’s text on Sunday wondering if he’d just dreamt the Cuba incident !!!!!!!