Alien Head Vs Predator – Aka Cat Piss

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A few of the BOAD members decided to goto the flicks to Watch Alien versus Predator – Requiem.
Obviously with the cinema being in town it would be rude not to pop into a few bars before the show started.
We made a 7:30pm start at the Usual(mood bar lancaster) for a couple of rounds of the usuals (Large vodka and redbull) and then we were off to the showing, with a quick pit stop at the off licence for the obligatory 1/4 bottle of vodka/whiskey.

The night got off to a bad start when we tried to retrieve our pre-booked tickets from the automatic machine and was denied as it was out of order.
A word with an intelligent looking lad (not) that was clipping tickets confirmed that we would indeed have to queue along with the general public to gain entry.

10 minutes later (and a swap of the ticket clipping lad to an equally intelligent looking(not!!)) lad and we were in.

Being BOAD we decided to seat ourselves about 10 feet away from the screen.
The credits flowed and so did the spirits – we’d all got some pop from the goody counter to mix with the boooze.

We had a few giggles throughout the film, including trying to discover where the smell of cat piss was coming from…..
I looked round and then looked back at Waa…all he said was ….”Don’t say it!”    He’d seen that i’d clocked the geezer in the wheelchair behind us….

With half an hour to go The Waa started rocking backwards and forwards in his seat…desperate for the bog but not wanting to miss owt.

The film finished and we all legged it for an empty and then it was back to the pubs for a few apres film drinkypoo’s

At this point it may be worth mentioning that we had pre planned to go home at around midnight so we’d all be fresh for work the next day. (that is those of us who are employed currently)
Midnight came and went without any of us realising and before we knew it we’d done the hustle and were on our way to the lounge.

Me and Munka got in no problems as we are both well practiced at walking in a straight line when barely able to stand upright.

The Waa got pulled up by the doorman and was told he’d had too much to come in…..
A bit of banter with the doorman and the bar manager and we were all in…..On a promise that the Waa would sit doown quietly and drinking nothing stronger than lemonade….
When we got the round in we obviosuly had to order a lemonade so the bar toot would think we were complying. but needless to say we did get the waa a normal BOAD (large) sized vodka in too.

Throughout the night we’d bumped into a couple of student toots and were sat in the Lounge drinking with them.

At some point Munka’s homing Beacon popped and he was homeward bound.
This left Me and Waa with the 2 students. Obviosuly with them being female they both fancied us and we got an invite to go back tho their house for “A Brew”

We obliged them with our presence and all jumped in a taxi.
When we got to their student house we all headed for the kitchen…We piled into a room the connected the hallway to the kitchen and happened upon a young couple in bed bouncing about with each other…All parties involved were equally surprised.

Waa’s quick whit sparked a trigger off with the young lad that was in bed and the youngster tried to act bravely in front of his lover……
Waa’s even quicker temper won with a line along the lines of “Shut your mouth before i bitch slap you!”
It was at this point that the waa wass escorted off the premises by the host.
Me Waa and one of the toots jumped in a cab  with the intention of dropping her off and going back home to morecambe….
Plans never seem to work out as they should

Instead of dropping her off she ended up being accompanied by 1 BOAD member – I’m not going to go into details here but i was late for work the next day….D’oh

I think a few of the quotes that were sent on email and text pretty much sum it all up!

From Me To Waa on text
“I may be dirty but by Jebus they like their pies! Just woke up at fatties house. Late for work again and it’s all your fault…..so much for midnight”

Mail From Munka to me
Glad I bailed when I did!
so which one did you get Gemma or her slight larger friend! it’s amazing what the BOAD will do for a glass of fizzle wine!

My Reply
I ended up with fatty


I personnaly hold the Waa responsible for this as he had promised me we’d share a cab back to morecambe at midnight….

I am never going out on a wednesday night drinking again………well not this week anyway!