Black Eye F.N.A

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Not too sure about “Black Eye Friday”…..More like “Red Eyed Sunday”

For those that dont know, the last Friday before Christmas is dubbed black eye Friday.

Basically, most people finish work for the holidays and go out, get totally leathered and then turn into an instant wannabe boxer.

This became apparent on Friday night as we were walking upto a new favourite bar of ours…..Bar Eleven.

We’d been out on Thursday night for one or two drinks……ok…..we’d had a skinful.  But being the last Friday before Christmas, it was planned as a semi officail BOAD AGM.  Even Ellifert had pledged he would be making an appearance!

So we’d made the effort for an early start, we’d done a couple of bars, the Friary and Mint and were heading up for another round of cocktails at Bar Eleven when we noticed that the outside of the bar was swarming with police cars and ambulances.  Not being deterred by this we continued into the bar, squeezing past the policemen.

Upon entering, it looked like somebody had let a bomb off.  Tables and chairs were upturned, glasses had been smashed all over the floor, and one of the barmaids was busy mopping up some suspiciously sticky red liquid from the floor……

Anyway, we continued to the bar and placed our cocktail order, only to be told that they were temporarily off the menu as they were too busy trying to clean the mess up from some lads being bottled clean in the face.

So we had to go back to our fall back order of the new usuals with jagermeister shooters.

After that, we moved onto a few more bars…..Earlier on we had recevied the anticipated text from Elliot saying “sorry lads, won’t be out tonight”, but then we all had a shock as from out of nowhere Mark “Daddy” McKenzie came shuffling across the dancefloor in the Irish bar.  Not only had he not been in contact for several months now, but we had all been chatting abuot him earlier wondering what he was upto……I guess the BOAD telepathic link must have kicked in!

The night drifted on and some of the BOAD drifted home, leaving just a few of the hardcore teaching everybody how to dance in the Hustle.

Hammer was amazing….he actually managed to fall asleep stood up, pint in hand, right in the middle of the dancefloor.

After we’d exhausted all our best moves, we shifted on to the Lounge, still with an appetite for cocktails.

After a while a couple of us decided that it would be more fun and less painful to start drinking napalm rather than continue the night out as we were about to reach and breach our limits, so we called it a night.

Around 12 the next day my msn started wobbling away…..it was the Waa.  He was wanting a few beers in the afternoon.  This is probably because he had been one of the first casualities the night before.  As we were leaving LA1 he had bumped into an old friend and was having a quick chat, we instructed him we were heading for Bentleys and promptly moved on.

It was only later that we found out that after the Waa had finished his conversation, he had set off to Bentleys to meet us…..I think it was as he was walking past KFC that he realised just how hootered he was and how bad his sense of direction had become with the influence of alcohol…..needless to say, a taxi for one was called.

Anywho…..he had a taste for a few afternoon beers and had been contacting the rest of the group to arrange it.  After a coule of hours of consideration i decided it was time for me to make the effort and turn up.  A quick phone call to #2 and we were on our way though to town….again…..for the 3rd time in as many days.

I’d phoned ahead to see where the meeting point was, and as we entered the very empty Friary at 3pm, we saw that the Waa had actually split off to do some Christmas shopping (i really must start my own christmas shopping soon!) and he had left Munka with a surprise visitor.

Obviosuly feeling guilty from his “no show” the night before, Elliot had made the effort and had arrived 5 minutes before us.  Not really a big issue, but being BOAD, Elliot only lives round the corner from both me and LJ, so he could have shared the cab ride through with us.

I gingerly ordered a beer, expecting it to go down like the devils own piss, but surprisingly it slipped down a treat.

We did a mini pub crawl and then it was time for a couple of the lads to head home, it was somewhere around 6pm.

That may not sound much like BOAD behaviour, but considering that TBC had been on his works Xmas do the night before and had stayed in the Lounge until it closed at 6am, and then had moved onto Mikky D’s for breakfast before heading to Weatherspoons for a breakfast pint at 9am.  He had finally made it home shortly after that. Apparently the barman had said “Look mate, I’m not serving you any alcohol, I’m not serving you any food, I’m not even gonna serve you any soft drinks……just get out”

So that left me and LJ…a quicjk phone to Big A and we were back on the route.  3 or 4 bars into our new pub crawl, one of Big A’s mates said he was hungry and promptly produced a large sausage roll from one of his pockets……He repeated this several times…..I’m sure he must be an undercover Ginsters agent!

We finished later on that night on the usual route, bentleys, hustle, lounge etc…..

By now i had had my fill, it was getting to the point where even drinking water was looking dangerous.  so i called it a night and me and #2 got a cab home……

I got a text from #2 the next day……you could tell he was so proud of himself.

“3 in a row, both for supping and for location. Winner!”

Every time for the last couple of years that he has a drink, his old homing beacon kicks in and he ends up at his parents house in the middle of the night, not just at his parents, but actaully in bed in-between his mum and dad!……seems he’s finally cut the apron strings!

By general public standards, the 3 day weekend was quite a heavy one, but by BOAD standards, it was just a tame warm up for what i suspect will be a tortureous onslaught over the next week or so…..

A week off work with nothing more to do apart from drink…..not sure my mind and body are ready for it…..not sure that Lancaster is ready for it……..time to Leave Las Vegas ;-)

Tis The Season To Be Jolly. . .Hey I Said Jolly. . .Not Leathered!

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Not been keeping up to date with the blogs recently…..

No real excuse, just I’ve been spending my time thinking about what the new year will bring….Maybe new accommodation, new sources of income and maybe even a new lifestyle?

Needless to say I just really haven’t been in the mood to sit down and type about what the BOAD have been up to.

Let’s face it, we’ve been going out and drinking at weekends. End of story….

If there had been anything out of the ordinary, apart from drinking and dancing like eyjots……I would have blogged about it

Talking of “not being in the Mood” it seems that the race to find the new BOAD HQ is still in flux!

After several weeks of drinking cocktails in various cafe bars, the BOAD still seem undecided as to where our new spiritual home should be.

Personally, I’ve been quite glad in the slowdown of alcohol consumption.

Really had enough of drinking that poisonous vodka that comes in treble measures in the mood bar.

The Cuba Libre’s, Cosmo’s, Long Island Ice Tea’s and Mudslides have really been hitting the spot nicely.

Saying that, I think the BOAD need to go out and watch several sporting events such as a few boxing and rugby matches and drink pints of Guinness and best bitter just to re-affirm that they are not turning metro-sexual.

So the countdown to Xmas has started (9 fecking days!! shit!!) so it’s probably about time to start getting into the festive mode a bit more.

Decorations are up everywhere, and everywhere I turn there’s the same old recycled Xmas tunes banging out.? At least that’s a good reason for it only to happen once a year.

No doubt the BOAD will be out pretty often over the next couple of weeks, as soon as we all break up from work that is. (although there is talk of a Wednesday start this week!) – so i’m sure the frequency of the blogs will increase dramatically shortly

And who knows…..maybe radio silence will be broken and maybe we’ll be re-united with some of the extended BOAD circle that have been missing in action recently?

Well…..they do say miracles happen at Christmas time!

ps – If you’re interested…..the BOAD site has been re-designed re-launched with a few new features, and more to follow over the next few days. take a nosey and put it in your bookmark http://www.boad.org.uk