Blue Badge Red Mist

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I love the smell of Road rage in the morning.

This particular morning I was actually party to passenger road rage, a new experience!

Being that Nell, my partner, was driving as she was taking our disabled (Mild Spastic Diplegia) daughter to a specialist hospital for some tests and she was dropping me off at work on the way.

As we came round the corner near to my work we were met with a taxi driver struggling to get past 2 awkwardly parked cars, both parked on double yellow lines on opposite sides of the road and staggered.

We waited until the taxi driver had squeezed through before pulling a little closer.

Our car is a big hefty land rover so we had no chance if the small compact taxi only just managed to get past by breathing in and exchanging a little bit of paint and rust, so we beeped the horn in the hope that the ignorant drivers would realise that they had effectively blocked off an entire street with their inconsiderate parking.

We were only meters away from work at this point, but i didn’t want to abandon my missus and leave her stranded.

Opposite work is the main City post office.  As I watched, a man looked over at the beeping, raised his hand and then ran down to his car. My first thought was that he was just going to jump in and move it, but life is never that simple.

He just stood in front of our car and made a gesture as to say, what you beeping for, you can get through there. Now if we hadn’t just sat and watched a much smaller car only just scrape though we may have attempted it.

But, instead (and also because I hadn’t had my morning quota of coffee yet) I opened the door and clearly and loudly shouted, “Stop waving your arms about and shift your car!”

To which he replied “I have a disabled badge, I’m allowed to park where I like”


At this point it is worth pointing out that as we have personal experience of  dealing with a disabled persons rights therefore we know that blue badge holders cannot “park where they want”.

Quote from “The Blue Badge Scheme:Rights and responsibilities”

Do not park where it would endanger, inconvenience or obstruct pedestrians or other road users.

Examples of dangerous or obstructive parking include the following, although there are others:

 - where it would make the road narrow;

 - where it would hold up traffic, such as in narrow stretches of road or blocking vehicle entrances;

 - on a pavement, unless signs permit it

The back quarter of his car was on the pavement so not only was he blocking the road off, but also the pavement.

Also a point to note that disabled badges are given to the following

People who are registered blind – he clearly wasn’t
People who have a permanent and substantial disability that makes walking impossible or very difficult - his 100m sprint from the post office that would make Usain Bolt worried verifies he is very mobile!

I’ve never quite felt the experience of my blood boiling before, but this statement opened up a  new doorway to a whole new level of rage.

I replied “You have a disabled badge? You didn’t look that disabled just then when you sprinted down from the post office! Get in you car and shift it!!”

His reply “Oh sorry, I didn’t realise that i was holding up a doctor from his rounds”

At this point I felt myself reaching to click off the seatbelt button and one foot creeping out of the door so I could address my points of view directly to the other blokes nose.

Instead, I took a deep breath, counted to 5 and replied  ”For all you know I could be a doctor, and if i was i wouldn’t give you a bloody blue badge”

I then closed the car door as I could feel my red mist rising.

He stood flapping his arms about until I gave him “a look” and gestured that it may be better for him to move his car sooner rather than later before he truly became entitled to a blue badge.


To be honest, he probably got a bit rougher treatment than he deserved as I was already in a terrible mood with scroungers and fake claimers from watching the morning news. Illegal immigrants claiming benefits in the UK.

I guess I know where a large chunk of TAX from my hard earned wages goes each month now.


And on a side note, Regarding Our daughter and Disability Living Allowance… She was born very early with mild cerebral palsy and although she has trouble walking for more than a few steps without severe pain, has noticeable ”absences”, has night terrors, has fine motor skill problems, has learning difficulties, cannot remember more than one thing at a time.etc etc… she is not ”disabled enough” to be entitled to DLA payments apparently. I wonder how the jogger/driver from this mornings incident would get on if he was re-investigated?  I wish i’d taken a note of his registration plate now.

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