Going Postal – Always Be Closing…..

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Just nipped into the local post office to pick up a couple of passport application forms for the kids.

We should have allowed more than 5 minutes for this visit as we were bombarded with a well structured and leading sales pitch from the off.

-”Booked anywhere nice have you sir?”

-”no, not yet”

-”Well when you do, you know that we offer a foreign money on demand service that is unrivalled”

-”Oh right, good to know”

-”…and a world class insurance policy – talking of insurance, do you have a minute to discuss your life insurance?”

Every visit to the post office is the same, bombarded with a torrent of sales pitches, and my missus knows that…so i knew it was war when she started walking towards the door and piped up with “Oh he doesn’t have life insurance and really does need some!”

…..you could see the man behind the counter’s eyes light up like he had won the jackpot on the bingo.

I nearly swallowed my own tongue in an attempt to say “NO I DON’T HAVE ANY AND DON’T WANT ANY – AND EVEN IF I WANTED SOME I WOULDN’T BUY IT FROM THE BLOODY POST OFFICE!” as I ran towards the exit.

The last sight I saw was when i opened the exit door and looked back……the man behind the counter leant over with his mouth near to the opening at the bottom of the window shouting “BUT WHAT ABOUT YOUR CHILDREN SIR, WHO WILL LOOK AFTER THE CHILDREN IF YOU DON’T HAVE LIFE INSURANCE!?!?!?”

And on that note we left the building……roughly the same time as his dignity did…..

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