Knock Knock – Woof Woof

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Two Door knocking Chuggers rapped loudly on my door tonight.

They make my blood boil!
They knocked and asked and I gave a polite “No thank you”.
Then flowed a torrent of quotes on why it is important for me to make a donation and how much i would be helping and i can do it by direct debit and i really really would be helping.
A second, more stern, “I have already told you no” only uncovered a wealth of previously unseen sympathy seeking literature, with graphics pictures and bold titles in TIMES NEW ROMAN font.
A third “NO” was met with a confrontational “Why don’t you want to donate, do you not believe in charity?

The red mist started to descend and i fully opened my front door and stepped out.
Stood nose to nose with the pair of them i informed them that the dog they could hear viciously barking and clawing at the gate would like to meet them and if they were still on my doorstep in 5 seconds that the introduction would be made.
I then got my phone out and lined up a shot on the camera.
When they asked what i was doing i replied “I’m just getting ready to take some graphic photos of the attack that is about to take place…..just in case you need some for your ‘I’m a chugger that annoys people and got bit by a dog’ charity pamphlets”
As i reached for the gate latch they were already gone.


I do donate to Charities, but only the ones I choose with my own free will, mostly to do with the way their plights have effected either me, my family or my friends.

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