Milk, Face, Bread, Bothered

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I nipped into Asda earlier and after grabbing a couple items I went to check out.

Usually I would just go through the self checkout but all the queues were full so i went through a manned checkout desk.

The young girl sat behind the till was a carbon copy of Vicky Pollard (face bovvered), she had a face like a slapped ar$e and all the charisma of a day old doner kebab.

I came to pay, I had only bought milk and bread but had no change.

“£1.39 please”

“Sorry this is all I’ve got,” as I handed her a £20 note.

“Haven’t you got anything smaller, ‘cos it will take all my change, and I don’t wanna count out £18.61?” she replied and pulled a stroppy face.

“I’ve got nothing, if that helps,” I replied…she didn’t get it so I thought feck it, I’ll pay by card as i was losing the will to live and was considering walking to the kitchenware isle to find a spoon to poke my own eyes out with.

“Shall I pay by card?” I asked.

“Don’t do me no favours,” she snapped.

Usually I would have smiled at her and requested to see her manager, but lucky for her I was in a rush today. I kept my cool and just put my PIN in.

“Cash back?” she asked sarcastically.

I couldn’t resist it… “Oh yes, £18.61 please.”

Don’t f*ck with a tired man…

That is all.

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