Purple Ronnie

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Thursday neets owt (aka BOAD neet owt)……What can i say about them……?

Recently there have been some really good ones and some really bad ones (…..sorry)

With regards to Last nights instalment i really have no idea what to say.

And thats not because i don’t have an opinion (for a change), its simply because i cant rememeber what the feck happened!

As far as my limited memory is concerned……I went to the mood bar, drank vodka, (I recall having a conversation with the bar man about just how much vodka we each drink in there …..I think we worked it out to be around a bottle (750ml) of vodka each, every time we go in there), then we went to walkabout and drank a couple of pints of green shit (…..thanks once again Big A for introducing that nonsense to the group!!!), then we went to bentleys, drank more vodka (and possibly some more 53% wood’s rum) and howled like a banshee on the karaoke machine. I’m pretty sure there must have been some other bars before / after the ones i have mentioned…..but I’m fecked if i know where!

I know i went out around 7pm but i have no idea what time i got home. probably some ridiculous time in the bastard morning. Got to work half an hour late and i can’t even remember the drive in! My head really is feeling like a bag of smashed twats. (I thought this drinking malarky was meant to be fun!)

One thing i do know is that when i woke up this morning i was covered in crumbs from thick crusty bread, garlic and olive humos and most of the contents of a can of fizzy vimto.  What the feck is that all about! (That has the makings of what could have been an interesting night if i wasn’t on my own!)

It’s currently around 10am and i am still having trouble doing the basic things…..like breathing and making my eyes focus etc.

Oh well…..only 8 hours 59 minutes and 23 seconds to go until we start again……trouble is, tonight if F.N.A and we all know what that means!…..see you all in the emergency room!

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