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Above average in Size, Number, Quantity, Magnitude or Extent

Regular sized drink for a BOAD

Having It Large

No Definition Currently Available

Drinking Lots of BOAD sized drinks

Toot / Totty

A blast of a horn

Girl / Woman

Tampax Totty

No Definition Currently Available

A Girl that thinks she is 'Above' the rest

i.e. "A Stuck Up C.unt"


Means "Lively" In The German Language

A Toot with less than favourable looks.

* Munters can generally be found in the Kings Arms Pub in Shameless by the sea


no definition

Mood Bar
2 Gage Street
Telephone:+44(0)1524 63438

The Place where we can usually be found.

The 'Toot

No Definition Currently Available

The Walkabout - Lancaster
i.e. The Walk-a-toot

14 Dalton Square
Tel : +44 [0]1524 845789

The Usual Spot

No Definition Currently Available

The Regular Location of the BOAD in a pub. Usually has an advantageous view of the Greedys on the Dancefloor and is within a few steps of the bar.

i.e. In the 'Toot the Usual Spot is located at the bottom of the stairs next to the dance floor.


No Definition Currently Available



Clerks and Scribes used the letter y for the character combination 'th', as in ye (the), yt (that), yis (this)



Immoderately desirous of acquiring e.g. wealth

Attractive toot (see above) with two-tone hair, orange skin and minimal clothing

Council house totty

No Definition Currently Available

Girl under age of 17 with more kids than she has legs.

Chick Chick Din Dins

No Definition Currently Available

Full Sunday roast

DOA Queue

Dead on arrival or DOA is a term used to indicate that a patient was found to be dead upon the arrival of professional medical assistance The verb queue means to form a line, and to wait for services

To be the very last one in a very long line.


No Definition Currently Available

Muppet/Loser/Fool etc


No Definition Currently Available

Getting very drunk


coriaceous: resembling or made to resemble leather; tough but pliable

Getting very drunk

Homing Beacon

A light, or wave, guiding one toward a port or place

The sub Conscious "switch" in your brain that automatically puts your body into autopilot, and then into a taxi and directs you home.

* The Homing Beacon is only triggered when you have had too many BOAD sized drinks.

* Sub Note - There is no such thing as "too many BOAD sized drinks"


A cream depilatory



No Definition Currently Available


BOAD Thursday / BOAD Night

No Definition Currently Available

Going owt getting Honkered on a Thursday Neet

* BOAD Neet is a Yorkie Event

Friday Night Amnesia

No Definition Currently Available

Going owt getting Honkered on a Friday Neet

Playing Out

No Definition Currently Available

Going owt getting Honkered On an unspecified Neet

Tinkle (aka Breaking the seal)

Make or emit a high sound


Push Rod

A general term for any rod that transfers force in compression


Uncle Stanley's

No Definition Currently Available

Casino / Poker Emporium

Up Ye!

No Definition Currently Available



No Definition Currently Available

Brotherhood of Ale Drinkers


No Definition Currently Available

Cumbrian Branch of BOAD


Tall annual cereal grass bearing kernels on large ears

Adult Material


Any of the various cultivars of the genus Brassica oleracea grown for their edible leaves or flowers

To Have or engage in the act of sexual intercourse with a Toot / Greedy

The Black Stuff

No Definition Currently Available

Aftershock (Black) aka Battery Acid

The Good Stuff

No Definition Currently Available


Number 2

No Definition Currently Available

Jekyll & Hyde - Lee Johnson after 2 pints of Stella


A boxing division with a 60kg maximum weight.

Unable to consume much alcohol.
(see Number 2)

Beer Wuss

Beer: A general name for alcoholic beverages made by fermenting a cereal (or mixture of cereals) flavored with hops

Wuss: A person who is physically weak and ineffectual

Unable to consume much alcohol.
(see Number 2)

Rizla Weight

No Definition Currently Available

Someone unable to reach the minimum standard level of alcohol consumption required/expected of a BOAD member.

BST (BOAD Standard Time)

British Summer Time

Approximately 1-3 hrs/days after the actual time stated


Physically and forcibly separated into pieces, cracked or split

Unable to consume further alcohol even when attempting to mask it with orange juice/coke/red bull

* please note this is not a valid reason for stopping

P-TP (Permanent temporary Position)

No Definition Currently Available

BOAD members will be placed on P-TP for actions unbefitting of a BOAD or for infringement to BOAD rules and Laws as stated in the BOAD code of conduct handbook.

Cinderella / Doing A Cindy

A popular fairy tale

Leaving the neet owt drinking on or before the stroke of mid night for various reasons

* please note mid night is not BST but 24:00 hrs

Busting Moves

No Definition Currently Available


* see also Usher Slides, Usher slides with Magnum & Slappy/Clappy Hands)


In Blackjack, To draw cards that make the combined value greater than 21

To be caught in the act of staring at any region of a toot / greedy apart from her face.

Trophy Food

No Definition Currently Available

Food purchased while Hootered, taken to your place of residence and left uneaten ready to be thrown away the next day

* see BST rule

Shameless by the Sea

No Definition Currently Available


The Spiritual Home of the Geedy

No Definition Currently Available



The Yorkshire Terrier, also known as a Yorkie

Not For Girls!


No Definition Currently Available

Time to Dis-regard whatever you are currently doing and go and consume some alcoholic beverages....in other Words....Fuck It Get Pissed!

Leo (Sayer)

A performing artist whose singing career has spanned three decades.

An All Dayer - Drinking Session

Next Bar

No Definition Currently Available

The Place we are always going to.

* This is the standard Answer when somebody asks "Where are we Going next?"


Cotton or yarn which has not been combed

To miss or leave a neet owt or perform a Cindy due to pressure exerted by an 'external force' - usually 'Her in doors' / 'The hand break'

Mr Bond

No Definition Currently Available

(Elliots Pet name For Hammer)
A bouyant turd that re-appears after 5 flushes

i.e. ahhhh so we meet again Mr Bond!!

Red And Black

No Definition Currently Available

The Usual Round of Drinks consumed in the Bentleys Bar

Consists of
1 X BOAD sized Vodka and Cranberry
1 X The Black Stuff

Estate Agent

A person whose business is the sale or lease of buildings or land on behalf of others


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